NFT Tech partners with Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations to extend its hold in sports NFTs


  • NFT Tech and Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations have partnered to connect live sports data with the rising potential of sports NFT.
  • The fantasy sports industry will be worth $50B by 2028.
  • The partnership will help NFT Tech to connect with massive fans across the world.

NFT Technologies Inc. has announced its collaboration with Sony‘s Hawk-Eye Innovations with a goal to link the live sports data to the enormous ability that lies in the sports NFT market.

Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations has earned a name for providing top-notch officiating, digital, and broadcast solutions. NFT Tech was earlier an explorer in terms of connecting live sports data with sports NFTs via their Cannes Lion award-winning work. As of now, the company is thrilled about the partnership. 

Sony’s revenue is beyond US$80B, out of which US$24B accounts for gaming and network services. The company is diving into blockchain through Hawk-Eye Innovations, it’s subsidiary. This will also help the brand to engage fans with their favorite teams.

 Adam De Cata, NFT Tech CEO, said:

Sport Leagues worldwide are constantly looking for ways to increase viewership and connect deeper with fans.

He further said that fantasy sports have immense popularity and the potential to increase viewership.

A rapidly evolving industry, it attracts about sixty million people to play annually. According to the experts, the industry will be worth $50B by 2028.  

Nowadays, ball tracking is utilized for scouting and strategy analysis other than multi-angle viewing for matches that are telecasted on television as well as in videos. This is probably one primary reason, possibilities for Hawk-Eye are increasing. 

Continuing, Adam said they aim to welcome a billion users in Web3. Sports and entertainment are the significant aspects of this adoption. The collaboration will open ways to interact with fans across the world.