eBay to make NFTs to connect sports stars and fans


  • To facilitate fan connections with their favorite athletes, Notable Live has partnered with e-commerce giant eBay.
  • Thanks to the cooperation, sports fans will have a platform to communicate with athletes.
  • A statement from the business claims that eBay Ventures previously oversaw Notable Live’s Series A financing.

In addition to other projects, the interactive, virtual events platform Notable Live has teamed up with e-commerce behemoth eBay to use NFTs for fan interactions with their favorite athletes, leagues, and teams.

Sports fans will have a platform to interact with athletes thanks to the partnership, which combines Notable Live’s immersive experience with eBay’s collectible marketplace.

According to a statement from the company, Notable Live’s Series A investment was previously led by eBay Ventures, the venture capital division of eBay. As part of a multi-year agreement between the two companies, Notable Live will supply eBay with limited-edition NFT and player gear. The online marketplace’s most recent collaboration with Notable Live represents a significant advancement in the field of digital collectibles.

According to a statement from Mike Antonucci, co-founder and CEO of Notable Live, their partnerships “focus” on offering disruptive solutions that provide fans real access. These solutions are based on genuine offerings that link recollections to artifacts and first-hand accounts from the sources themselves, he continued.

Emmitt Smith, an NFL Hall of Famer, and Antonucci came up with the idea for the software firm. Notable Live was first introduced in 2018 as a smartphone app that provided fans with access to remarkable interactions with players.

Which blockchain Notable Live’s NFTs will be released on is not yet known.

Nevertheless, eBay has been advancing gradually in the NFT market. Despite the waning market interest, it debuted the NFT collection “Genesis” in June last year after purchasing the UK-based NFT marketplace KnownOrigin for an undisclosed sum.

eBay’s NFT sales aren’t tracked on-chain the way NFTs bought and sold on crypto-native marketplaces like OpenSea are. The digital asset is supplied to the customer by a redemption link once the purchase is made, and purchases must be made using fiat currencies (either PayPal or a credit card).