Autograph to launch PGA Tour Golf NFTs


  • Autograph is all set to make official PGA Tour collectibles.
  • Offering valuable real-world benefits, the platform will go live in early 2023.
  • Autograph will create NFT collectibles by tapping into the golf league’s video as well as data archives with Tiger Woods.

The PGA Tour has stepped into the NFT space with a long-term deal with Autograph, an NFT startup, to make licensed digital golf collectibles.

In early 2023, Autograph will launch its PGA Tour, thereby, going into the league’s assets like data, video footage as well as imagery from past & current competitions. The announcement signals towards rewarding fans of PGA Tour along with offering special access to virtual and real events. 

Autograph’s Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Cassidy, shared that the look and feel of the non-fungible tokens are being finalized by the partners. Utilizing the video footage might point towards an NBA Top Shot-based approach to digital collectibles though there will be something completely unique in comparison to other sports offerings.

He further said that they are focused on making something new and Autograph has the opportunity to do something no one has ever done before.  

The NFT product of the PGA Tour will be shaped by Tiger Woods, the legendary Gold player who is also a member of Autograph’s Board of Advisors. He has already launched his NFT collectibles via Autograph. 

Cassidy said that they trust Woods to create the best product based on the world’s best athletes as well as one of the most known sports worldwide. 

In April last year, Autograph not only announced but also rolled out its very first NFTs based on athlete-inspired offerings from influential names like Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Simone Biles, Brady and Derek Jeter. 

The firm released its NFTs via a unique collaboration with the DraftKings Marketplace; however, the exclusivity duration has ended.

Recently, Autograph released its first ever NFT product which is a Tom Brady “season ticket” pass and offers access to a private fan club with benefits such as special merchandise, events and more. There are 2,500 NFTs and each of them has a price of $750. Also, this is the first “Signature Experience” drop from Autograph.