Valhalla announced most active game on Optimism Goerli Network


  • Valhalla Metaverse game was declared one of the most active projects on the Optimism Goerli Network.
  • Valhalla-related agreements have been used in network smart contracts.
  • The Valhalla digital environment game’s major currency will be $FLOKI.

Floki has tweeted on February 10, 2023, that Valhalla Metaverse game is one of the most active projects on the Optimism Goerli Network. For weeks, Valhalla-related smart contracts have been the most heavily utilized smart contracts on the network, aside from the Optimism Goerli faucet.

Valhalla is Floki’s virtual world game with a play-to-earn economy and innovative network mechanisms. Valhalla’s alpha edition is now online and accessible on the Optimism Goerli testnet. The primary currency of the Valhalla virtual world game will be $FLOKI.

To make a personality active on the mainnet, consumers would need to have a particular quantity of FLOKI in their wallet. Users will be able to earn FLOKI tokens for dueling as well. Everything obtained by individuals in the virtual world is theirs to possess and sell. 

According to the game, rhe player has only recently reached the age of majority. The Viking lifestyle begins. The voyage begins on Floki Island. The island is home to all new players, a few NPCs, and important structures. Furthermore, the island features numerous wildlife regions where gamers can meet specific Vera as well as regions where gamers can use the gardening feature.

The rare collection includes Ruby, Diamond, Silver, and Bronze types, with Ruby and Diamond sharing the top utility level. Players that own a Genesis NFT gain access to pre orders, coupons, early game entry, and much more.