Lavazza launches Lavazza Arena game in the metaverse


  • Lavazza enters the metaverse with an environmental cause.
  • The company has launched Lavazza Arena on Roblox.
  • The goal is to expand its sustainable projects into the virtual world.

The Italian coffee Lavazza has finally tapped into the virtual world. The company Lavazza Arena on September 5th, 2022, on the Roblox metaverse platform.

Lavazza in its Twitter post said,

With our global brand Lavazza, we’re making our entry into this world, to discuss important themes with the platform’s audience through its direct and engaging language.

With the gamified Lavazza Arena, the company envisions to boosts its sustainable projects in the virtual space. Lavazza has launched the game with the mission to raise awareness among the young generation about crucial environmental issues.

One such environmental issue is the deforestation of Amazon Forests. According to the company, the Amazon Forest is losing over a million trees every 20 seconds, which is equivalent to a football pitch.

Lavazza Arena not only offers a fun and exciting gaming experience to its players but also enlightens them about the rapid deforestation of the Amazon Forest.

Lavazza Arena is a virtual gaming world similar to that of a football pitch but with a difference. The players will find themselves on clear fields instead of green pitches.

In the Arena, the players can participate in various activities. The catch in the game is that the more they play, the more the Arena will be filled with trees and green patches.

The players can compete with one another in the field or practice their skills in the Practice Area. Users can also spend a relaxing time in the Lavazza Café. The virtual space also has a Learning Area where players can get to know about deforestation issues and other environmental concerns.

With this exciting metaverse gaming module, Lavazza plans to bond with the younger generation and educate them about environmental and social topics. The company firmly believes that connecting with a digital audience, especially the youth in virtual space will open the door to stimulate dialogue and a better understanding of social, environmental, and cultural topics.