Gucci introduces a fashion store in Sandbox Metavese


  • Gucci opened its fashion store on the virtual property market The Sandbox, becoming the first firm to establish a site within the metaverse platform.
  • On October 27, the upmarket retailer Gucci issued a press release announcing the launch of a new fashion shop in The Sandbox.
  • Throughout that time, Gucci Vault Land will still be a separate event from The Sandbox’s regular seasons.

Gucci, a high-end fashion retailer, has successfully opened a new location in the metaverse. Gucci is the first company to create its location within the metaverse platform with the opening of its fashion store in the digital real estate marketplace, The Sandbox.

The upscale retailer Gucci announced the opening of a new fashion store in The Sandbox in a news release on October 27. From October 27 to November 9, Gucci Vault Land, an experimental concept store, will be open.

Gucci Vault Land will continue to exist during that time as a separate event from the regular seasons of The Sandbox. Eight voxel digital collectible apparel items, caps, skate ramps, and even cars will be available for purchase at the event.

Players who own Gucci Vault NFT collections, such as Super Gucci and Gucci Grails, will also receive a Gucci Vault Aura collectible, an item of wearable clothing for avatars in The Sandbox, as a bonus for the Gucci Vault community.

A story is recounted throughout several rooms when guests start their trip at the Garden of Curiosities. Each chamber is designed to symbolize a distinct aspect of the greater Vault project’s unique artistic goal. The opportunity to restore a vintage bag in the Vault Vintage Lab is one of the benefits offered to visitors, along with other unique mini-excursions.

Through play-to-know narrative and competitive games like motorbike racing, the metaverse project will let users experience the experimental essence of the Vault in 360° and compete for its native reward token, SAND.

Gucci has had other metaverse experiences before Gucci Vault Land. The exclusive brand conducted a two-week Gucci Garden event on Roblox last year. Gucci collaborated with other virtual worlds, the Tennis Clash video game, the Korean Zepeto chat application, and others at the time to develop the metaverse initiative.
Although possessing an NFT is not necessary to access any of this, there are advantages to doing so, such as the chance to win one of the aforementioned items if you own a SUPER GUCCI or Gucci Grail NFT, for instance.