Unstoppable Domains joins CoinStats to streamline portfolio tracking for 1M users


  • NFT domain now offers one-click access to track and handle the portfolio without manually linking wallets.
  • CoinStats users will have a free Unstoppable domain to track crypto assets at a single place.
  • Unstoppable Domains is gifting $50 promo codes to users.

Unstoppable Domains has paired up with CoinStats to allow individuals to handle and monitor their overall crypto portfolio only by touching a button and connecting their NFT domain to CoinStats. 

To access a portfolio of token holdings, earlier, users of CoinStats were supposed to connect their wallets one by one. This is not the thing now, as they can simply connect their NFT domain to the CoinStats application. This way, they will have 100% control as well as transparency of their assets from each and every wallet that’s linked to their Unstoppable domain. 

Free NFT domains will be offered to CoinStats users who own at least 3,000 Sparks, CoinStats rewards, for the coming month. Moreover, owners of Unstoppable Domains will get a free one-month subscription to CoinStats Premium. This will provide them unique CoinStats insights, advanced portfolio analytics and customized price alerts. 

With Coinstats, users can utilize their domain to efficiently track and handle their crypto assets at a single place.  

Together, Unstoppable Domains and CoinStats will allow users to- 

  • Monitor the crypto balances throughout all of their compatible wallets
  • Handle and monitor their NFT holdings 
  • Access pie charts, line graphs and several other metrics to track their portfolio value 
  • Transparent access to all transactions related to their wallets connected to their Unstoppable Domain
  • Access their DeFi assets throughout more than 15 blockchains and more than 500 protocols

Unstoppable has over 2.5 million NFT domains along with support of more than 400 applications. Recently, it launched a mobile application for web3 identity management. The app has been integrated with the Brave browser; thus, enabling two million plus NFT domains to be utilized to access as well as create decentralized websites.