Salvor Joins Avalanche Rush with $1M Incentive to Pioneer NFT Lending on Avalanche Blockchain


  • Salvor secures up to $1M in $AVAX from Avalanche Foundation, enhancing its P2P NFT and memecoin lending platform.
  • New platform features allow users to leverage digital assets for loans, improving liquidity and financial flexibility.
  • Over 800 NFT collections are supported, with innovative features like bulk actions and trait-specific bidding, reducing costs and streamlining trading.

NEW YORK, NY, MAY 9, 2024 — Salvor, known for its innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT and memecoin lending protocol, has secured a significant position within the Avalanche Rush Program. The program, supported by the Avalanche Foundation, aims to boost the DeFi and NFT ecosystems by providing up to $1 million in $AVAX incentives.

By leveraging Avalanche’s C-Chain, Salvor introduces a dynamic platform where users can use their NFTs and memecoins as collateral. This functionality enriches the Avalanche ecosystem, offering enhanced liquidity and greater financial flexibility. Moreover, the program incentivizes participation through various activities like creating loan offers and trading, with rewards paid in AVAX or Salvor’s native ART token.

The integration of memecoins and NFTs into secured loans is poised to transform how users engage with digital assets. Borrowers can quickly obtain liquidity by pledging their digital assets without the need to sell, thus maintaining their investment positions. Lenders, on the other hand, benefit from earning interest on their loans, with additional security measures such as Dutch auctions for defaulted loans ensuring they can recover their funds effectively.

Salvor’s platform supports over 800 NFT collections and introduces several features to streamline operations and reduce costs. These include bulk actions in a single transaction, a dedicated balance for bids and loans, trait-specific bidding, and more favorable terms for early loan repayment.

“We aim to enhance liquidity and foster a healthy financial ecosystem without the need to liquidate valuable digital assets,” said Utku, founder of Salvor. Aytunc Yildizli, CEO of the Avalanche Foundation, added, “Salvor’s innovative lending solutions are crucial for integrating DeFi and NFTs, offering users novel ways to manage their digital asset finances.”

Since its inception, Salvor has expanded from an NFT marketplace to a comprehensive trading and lending platform. The introduction of NFT liquidity pools and a P2P lending protocol underscores its commitment to innovation and user empowerment.

This strategic integration not only broadens the utility of NFTs within the financial sector but also sets a precedent for future innovations in blockchain finance. Salvor’s move to enrich Avalanche’s ecosystem marks a pivotal development in blending DeFi functionalities with NFT market dynamics.