BlackRock Gains Memecoins and NFTs Following $100M USDC On-chain Deposit


  • BlackRock’s venture into digital assets highlighted by a significant Ethereum deposit and the acquisition of diverse cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
  • The firm’s evolving stance on blockchain and digital currencies marks a significant shift, with efforts now focused on asset tokenization.
  • Through “BUIDL,” BlackRock aims to bridge traditional finance and digital assets, setting a new precedent in the asset management industry.

BlackRock, the financial behemoth with a portfolio exceeding $10 trillion, recently ventured into the dynamic world of digital assets in a manner that’s catching everyone’s attention. Following a substantial $100 million deposit into Ethereum, the firm’s associated wallet began receiving an eclectic mix of digital assets, including memecoins and NFTs, marking a bold stride into cryptocurrency tokenization.

Observers took note as the wallet, tied to BlackRock’s pioneering tokenization fund, saw inflows of diverse assets. This included the Bitcoin-based Ordinals Pepe coin and the CryptoDickbutts S3 NFT, alongside 500,000 unshETHing_Token and 10,000 Realio Network tokens, cumulatively valued at over $25,000. Particularly notable was the surge in the Realio Network token, which jumped 47% post-transfer, showcasing the market’s reaction to BlackRock’s involvement.

Moreover, the wallet received other digital assets like Mog Coin and Shina Inu, underscoring the wide-ranging interest from the crypto community. This gesture from unnamed crypto users since March 19 highlights the sector’s curiosity and possibly its endorsement of traditional financial giants stepping into the digital asset space.

BlackRock’s journey into digital assets has evolved significantly from skepticism to active participation. Larry Fink, the firm’s CEO, has publicly shifted his stance on Bitcoin and blockchain, reflecting a broader institutional warming to the potential of digital currencies and tokenization. This transition is underscored by BlackRock’s successful filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF in June 2023, capturing significant market volumes.

The firm’s latest venture, the BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, codenamed “BUIDL,” represents a bridge between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of digital assets. Through a partnership with Securitize, the fund aims to offer dollar yields on digital subscriptions, aligning with Fink’s vision of a future where financial assets are universally tokenized on ledgers.

This move by BlackRock not only signals its adaptation to the digital age but also potentially sets a precedent for asset management firms globally. The firm’s entry into digital assets via Ethereum deposits and the ensuing reception of diverse tokens and NFTs showcase the evolving interplay between traditional finance and cryptocurrency, highlighting the industry’s ever-expanding boundaries.

In conclusion, BlackRock’s foray into cryptocurrency and asset tokenization marks a significant moment in the integration of traditional finance with the digital asset space, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to investment and asset management in the digital age.