iClick Release Arohar, the Metaverse Livestreaming Mobile App


  • iClick is launching its livestreaming mobile app, Arohar.
  • iClick intends to empower global brands to unlock the enormous market potential of intelligent retail.
  • Arohar is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in North America.

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited has announced the launch of Arohar, its proprietary livestreaming enhancement mobile application that integrates AI, AR and interactive 3D avatars to present a whole new metaverse-based live streaming experience to users. iClick’s flagship product, Arohar represents a new SaaS paradigm for live streaming.

iClick shared the launch of Arohar through a post on Twitter:

The metaverse-related market is expected to reach USD467.4 billion by 2025, according to the global consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Arohar features immersive virtual backgrounds and effects along with the ability to create real-time facial animation avatars via AR technology. It won’t be wrong to say that its all-in-one live streaming solution embarks iClick’s first step in the metaverse market. 

As of now, users can access Meta and other overseas metaverse platforms. Through future upgrades, Arohar will boost the development of the metaverse ecosystem and encourage the transformation of the live streaming industry. 

From adding new features to livestreaming featuring 3D avatars with AR facial micro-expression tracking and real-time facial animation and immersive virtual backgrounds via the AI image processing technology to detecting the physical features of the live streamer and generating a clear virtual likeness and background without a green screen, Arohar does all.  As a result, it delivers a cutting-edge metaverse livestreaming experience that allows users to:

  • Access standard virtual backgrounds;
  • Make real-time animated 3D avatars;
  • Improve facial features with beauty and makeup filters;
  • Use multi-scene switching for smooth and attractive live streaming;
  • Remotely control the live streaming via App or Bluetooth;
  • Share mobile game streams with friends and fans through screen sharing;
  • Improve live streams through built-in massive live streaming resources;
  • Support live streaming to various social media channels. 

Frankie Ho, iClick’s President of International Business shared excitement about announcing the overseas launch of Arohar. He said that Arohar will be the main push in  their overseas market strategy. iClick will use the business opportunities in the metaverse and boost the development of their SaaS product matrix to identify and fix brands’ challenges in the quickly evolving business models and market.