Planning Weddings and Conducting legal proceedings awaited in Metaverse


  • Second Minister of Law for Singapore, Edwin Tong, stated that he would not be surprised if private events like marriage ceremonies and court disputes “took place within the Metaverse in the future.
  • He continued by saying that shortly, the Metaverse would allow access to additional government services including marriage registration.
  • The first-ever metaverse wedding took place when Kevin-Prince Boateng, a former AC Milan midfielder, wed Italian beauty Valentina Fradegrada.

The range of use cases related to this specialized market has expanded as quickly as the worldwide Web3 ecosystem. A senior Singaporean government minister recently made the startling new observation that legal marriage proceedings, court case disagreements, and government services may one day be conducted via Metaverse platforms.

Edwin Tong, Singapore’s second minister of law, was cited as saying that he would not be shocked if in the future, private events like marriage ceremonies and legal conflicts “might take place within the Metaverse” in his keynote speech at Singapore’s TechLaw Fest 2022 late last month. 

He further added that other government services, like marriage registration, could be accessed online shortly via the Metaverse. There is no reason why legal services cannot be provided in the same way. Even dispute resolution, which was formerly seen to be a physical, high-touch process, can now be conducted online, as the epidemic has already demonstrated.

The Tamil Nadu region of India’s Dinesh Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramasamy’s wedding is one of the earliest events to be recorded in the metaverse, according to reports. The couple also organized a virtual musical performance and created their collection of NFTs to commemorate the event, demonstrating that they don’t take anything lightly.

Aside from that, Kevin-Prince Boateng, a former AC Milan midfielder, wed Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, resulting in the first-ever metaverse wedding.

Dematerializing government services that call for in-person attendance is the next, most logical step for countries all over the world, especially as the world shifts from an analogous age to a digital one in this post-covid era, according to Joseph Collement, general counsel for cryptocurrency exchange and wallet developer

Alexander Firsov, the platform’s chief Web3.0 officer, and an A.I. expert holds a similar perspective. He said that it makes sense that the Metaverse, a site devoted to bridging the gap between the real world and digital experiences, could someday develop into a platform where legal procedures can be conducted.