Shiba Inu and Third Floor Come Together for SHIB the Metaverse


  • The Third Floor, a famous visualization agency, will develop and build Shiba Inu’s highly anticipated
  • The portfolio of the company includes work for theme parks, commercial advertising, computer games, and recent Star Wars films and episodes.
  • Shiba Inu Metaverse, according to TTF’s CCO, will be unique, engaging, and energizing for users in new ways.

Shiba Inu’s highly anticipated will be designed and built by renowned visualization firm The Third Floor (TTF). The Metaverse Initiative. The biggest visualization studio, TTF, contributes to the creation of well-known intellectual properties in the fields of film, television, video games, VR/AR, and location-based entertainment. 

With the guidance of great filmmakers and designers, The Third Floor has worked on projects in Hollywood and all around the world over its 17-year existence, creating visual worlds and stories of various sizes.

The company’s portfolio includes projects for themed attractions, commercial advertising, video games, and recent Star Wars films and episodic. It also includes works for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While creating a market to guide environment production, The Third Floor will leverage its expertise in visual development and storytelling to define and produce virtual locations, buildings, and landmarks for a genuine Shiba-inspired universe.

TTF’s rapid prototyping will swiftly transform concepts for ideas and “looks” into 3D prototypes thanks to real-time processing and creative iteration in Unreal Engine.

The Third Floor’s Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Dane Smith, praised Shiba Inu’s creative ecology. He applauded their efforts to seize technologically uncharted territory. He said that the Shib Army’s idea for an interactive and artistically-driven online space is motivating. As they innovate in this developing field, they are ecstatic to work with Shiba Inu teams.

The CCO claims that Shiba Inu Metaverse will be unique, enjoyable, and energizing for users in new ways. People will have a variety of ways to interact with one another because of the upcoming Metaverse. 

Some options include gathering in-game resources, creating prizes, and providing users with a place of their own to manufacture and manage their products.

The Shiba Inu community’s history will be virtually represented in the Metaverse through a layer of magnificent aesthetics that highlight innovation and togetherness, as well as a home for the ShibArmy crypto community. We are developing immersive experiences that will allow customers to participate, discover, and benefit in an atmosphere unlike any other.