Nike Breaks New Ground with NFT-Embedded Sneakers


  • Nike has released RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers, including the Dunk Ghost and VOID Editions, priced at $222 each.
  • These sneakers feature unique detachable mods like the “Vial Clip Tongue” and “Modular Heel Shield” and come with 3D files for customization.
  • Although no NFT purchase is required to buy these sneakers, they include an NFC chip for obtaining a digital collectible.

Nike has leaped into the future of fashion by launching its latest RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers. What sets these kicks apart is that you don’t need to own an expensive NFT to purchase them. The democratization of digital fashion is here.

Priced at a reasonable $222 each, the Nike x RTFKT Dunk Ghost Edition and Dunk VOID Edition sneakers have a futuristic edge that matches RTFKT’s previous releases and the visual vibe of its digital counterparts. They also come with unique features, including the “Vial Clip Tongue” and “Modular Heel Shield” mods that can be detached for customization. Nike even offers 3D files, allowing owners to create their mods.

But here’s the kicker – while no NFT is required to buy these sneakers, they are still connected to the world of non-fungible tokens. Embedded within the sneakers is an NFC chip called the RTFKT World Merging chip, which enables owners to obtain a digital collectible if they choose to do so. It’s a seamless blend of physical and digital fashion.

The VOID Edition sneakers are expected to ship by July 31, 2024, with the Ghost Edition by August 31, 2024. Nike and RTFKT gave existing NFT holders an exclusive pre-order window before opening up sales to the public.

Regarding the blockchain platform for minting the associated NFT collectibles, it’s still uncertain, but RTFKT has previously used Ethereum. Nike also has its own digital kicks platform Swoosh which is an Ethereum scaling network on Polygon, adds to the intrigue of where these NFTs might land.

This move isn’t Nike’s first venture into the world of NFTs earlier this year, they released RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 sneakers that required an NFT purchase for redemption. The collaboration made waves, with NBA star LeBron James even sporting a pair during a Lakers playoff game.

It’s worth noting that RTFKT is also the brains behind the lucrative Clone X NFT profile picture (PFP) collection, which has generated a staggering $852 million in trades to date. Secondary market prices for Clone X NFTs currently start above 1.4 ETH, or approximately $2,850, showcasing the immense value of digital collectibles.

This move by Nike represents a significant step in bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms of fashion, making it more accessible to everyone. The fusion of NFT technology with tangible products is an exciting development, and Nike’s latest release is a testament to their commitment to innovation in the industry.