Starbucks launches its Web3 program ‘Starbucks Odyssey’ & NFT community


  • Starbucks has released a Web3 loyalty program, Starbucks Odyssey, other than an NFT community.
  • The program features coffee-inspired NFTs meant to be utilized for real-world experiences.
  • Starbucks Odyssey is built on the Polygon blockchain.

Today NFT News reported that Starbucks is ready with its blockchain platform and NFT community-Starbucks Odyssey and the time has come. The coffee giant has launched Starbucks Odyssey, it’s very own blockchain-powered program as well as an NFT community, to the first group of United States-based beta testers. Odyssey is an extension of Starbucks Rewards and has coffee-inspired NFTs that transform into actual-world experiences. 

Odyssey will enable loyal customers to win a broader and assorted set of rewards other than benefits such as free drinks. With Odyssey, customers will get a platform to be a part of interactive activities such as playing puzzles, watching videos, and taking quizzes, known as ‘Journeys.’ Once a customer completes it, they can earn collectible Journey Stamps, Starbucks’ name for non-fungible tokens. 

Talking about Journeys linked to in-store purchases, while buying the menu item or drink, Odyssey members will have to scan their current Starbucks Rewards card. This activity will be then shared with Odyssey to allow the member to earn points. After earning 500 points, members will get Stamps, a coffee-based NFT hosted on Polygon. 

Unique experiences are associated with the Stamps and a total of three levels of perks as well as experience can be unveiled. The experiences will be online and could be like a virtual class or might provide access to exclusive artist merchandise. 

Winning more NFTs and points will offer access to actual-world experiences ranging from a trip to the Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm and exclusive events organized at Starbucks Reserve Roasteries.

The points will be collected during the year rather than being redeemed in exchange for rewards. The first Journey Stamps will be the ones designed after being inspired by the history of Starbucks while others will display classic designs besides the “Gift-Wrapped Magic” holiday cup art of this year. 

The company will start allowing a part of the waitlisted users to test Odyssey as well as provide feedback regarding the first experience. An invitation will be emailed to users to notify them if they will be invited. Members must have an ongoing Starbucks Rewards account to enter Starbucks Odyssey after being invited. 

Participating in Odyssey will allow members to earn NFTs, which will include a point value according to their level of rarity. 

Starbucks is easing the way to buy NFTs since it won’t ask members to own a crypto wallet, have crypto, or have knowledge of Web3 technologies. Members can purchase Stamps using a credit card. 

Limited Edition Stamps will be launched in 2023 and the Stamps can be purchased by members to support a number of causes. The Stamps will be launched four-six times every year.

The company has brought in Adam Brotman, as a special advisor on Odyssey. Brotman is the architect of the company’s app and Mobile Order & Pay system. Dedicatedly involved in innovation and technology, the firm, in April, announced entering into the NFT business followed by planning to launch a new Web3 rewards program in August.