UAE luxury car W Motors ready to enter the Metaverse


  • By rethinking and adding an entirely new dimension to the vehicle experience, W Motors will establish itself as a pioneer in the sector.
  • This action marks the start of a comprehensive W Motors Metaverse Experience programme that will integrate W Motors with the online world.
  • W Motors is introducing the HyperWolves NFTs, which stand for the wolf, the W Motors automobiles’ spirit animal.

The Middle East’s top producer of luxury hypercars, W Motors, is prepared to enter the Metaverse and Web3 markets. As one of the first automakers to leverage the Metaverse, the business will build a groundbreaking immersive, avant-garde, and inclusive experience around its hypercars using Tokengate as a key partner.

The W Motors Metaverse will serve as a gathering place for the online world. It gives users a fresh approach to creating models, constructing automobiles, and engaging in racing activities.

The new business will feature a one-of-a-kind 10,000 “HyperWolves” NFT Profile Pictures, which stand in for the wolf, the spirit animal of W Motors’ cars. Owners of HyperWolves NFTs will have exclusive access to W Motors’ world, including factory tours where users may monitor the construction of hypercars, track days, international motorsports competitions, and community-driven hypercar ideas.

Holders of NFTs will also receive a virtual automobile created by W Motors. The vehicle will be part of a line-up of exclusive hypercars that also include the Fast and Furious 7-inspired 7 Lykan HyperSport and the 110 Fenyr SuperSport vehicles.

Owners of NFTs will eventually have the option to customize their hypercars and incorporate them into Web3 blockchain games. For owners of NFT, W Motors intends to develop its Metaverse and game.

The W Motors Metaverse will provide the company complete freedom to push the envelope of performance and create one-of-a-kind, limited-edition car designs. With this new endeavor, W Motors will be able to contact a different type of customer in a space where people can talk about their hobbies and interact with one another, revolutionizing the customer experience. 

By offering consumers tailored and sincere brand interactions, W Motors will be able to boost brand engagement and customer loyalty through the Metaverse-centric experiences.