Wow Bao dives into metaverse with a tiered NFT membership program


  • Wow Bao is now a part of the expanding group of restaurant technology giants trying luck with Web3.
  • Wow Bao CEO shared the aim of boosting the community elements of their rewards program.
  • Fans of Wow Bao can be a part of the NFT program’s waiting list starting from today though the program won’t launch before January 2023.

Wow Bao, the virtual restaurant, has announced moving into the metaverse through a tiered NFT membership program to act as an extension of its existing Bao Bucks rewards. The company will also launch vending machines in the metaverse.

To grow the customer base, firms moving into the metaverse have eliminated the requirement of VR headsets as well as crypto wallets recently. The NFT-themed access pass of Wow Bao that has been developed in coexistence with Brightloom is treated like a pass only and not a non-fungible token since it lets customers buy them via traditional payment rather than bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Geoff Alexander, Wow Bao CEO, shared that it has been done to make the NFT program available to maximum individuals. According to him, metaverse is community-oriented, which is why they aimed to make it available as well as easily understandable for users.

Members can make purchases in three levels and each of them will offer several physical and digital rewards such as discounts and monthly giveaways. 

Alexander expects the initial level of the program to have NFT purchase, a few points and funds to be spent at Wow Bao. Double point triple point rewards can be availed from the next level up. Automatic entries to get opportunities to win a Wow Bao-branded car in the virtual racing game, Riot Racers, will be given to the top two tiers. 

Alexander said that anyone who is a fan of  NFTs and Wow Bao can be a part of the community. 

Continuing, he said:

Our goal is not to alienate people […] We want to reach people and don’t want to be this exclusive club that no one can be a part of.

Wow Bao has shared that the bao bun vending machines will be currently brought in Las Vegas, Georgia and Florida, to the metaverse next year, thereby, enabling users to directly order food from Wow Bao in the metaverse and that too without exiting the app. This particular feature has emerged as one among the famous integrations that happen between real and digital life in the metaverse.