The Sandbox and Agoria come together to build Agoriaverse


  • Agoria is collaborating with The Sandbox to bring “One Life, Two Bodies” into the metaverse.
  • The project will be an infusion of art, music and philosophy.
  • The Agoriaverse will be focused around a Jungian mandala.

The Sandbox has announced joining French artist and DJ, Agoria to build “Agoriaverse” in The Sandbox. Through the partnership, the aim is to transfer Agoria’s ideas as well as concepts into his LAND for a one-of-a-kind metaverse experience that displays the variations of his vision and talent. 

Agoria’s move into The Sandbox displays a project that will combine music, art and philosophy in  an interactive experience.

The Agoriaverse will be built around a Jungian mandala having circular layers on various levels and surrounding a symbolic totem tree. The artistic approach is in line with Agoria’s concepts of chrysalis and butterfly, science and art and a totem with roots.

One Life, Two Bodies is a sacred space. There’s the transcendence of virtual selves on one hand and then there’s the physical and biological state of existence.