SM Entertainment to launch metaverse company Studio Kwangya


  • Studio Kwangya will be categorized in six different business areas: Virtual Human, VR Production, Post Production, VFX Production, Music Video Studio and Virtual Studio.
  • SM Entertainment has plans to create immersive VR concerts for K-pop fans.
  • Studio A will create VR concerts for artists across the world, something the audience has never experienced before.

On July 12, SM Entertainment announced its plan of establishing STUDIO KWANGYA, a company with expertise in metaverse content production technology. 

STUDIO KWANGYA holds importance as the technology center that creates the KWANGYA, the content universe of space transcendence. 

Precisely, it pulls attention to prepare a way for the mixed video content by CAWMAN, like the SMCU episode 2 ‘Next Level’ of Aespa. 

Besides establishing STUDIO KWANGYA, SM Entertainment will also focus on the promotion of content production groups- VFX Production, VR Production, Virtual Studio, Post Production, Virtual Human and M/V Studio. 

The efforts will be in the form of VR concerts like mergers and acquisitions and recruiting exceptional talents along Amaze VR. It will appear like a VR concert featuring VR visual special effects technology as well as AI technology. 

Lee Sung-soo and Tak Young-joon, co-CEO of SM said that SMCU encompasses the one-of-a-kind story and  worldview of every artist. KWANGYA refers to a universe consisting of every artist’s identity.  Never seen before content in the Kwangya universe will be featured. 

According to an official from STUDIO KWANGYA, Global entertainment companies based on movies and games have shown interest in the worldview alliance in order to promote a metaverse content production association dependent on both the productontechnology and abilities of STUDO KWANGYA.