Flipkart collaborates with Polygon to establish blockchain-eCommerce Centre of Excellence


  • The Centre of Excellence will be aimed to work on Web3 and metaverse commerce applications research and development in India to boost Web3’s adoption.
  • Previously, Flipkart announced ‘Flipkart Labs’ to produce multiple solutions and introduce innovation to India’s e-commerce.
  • FireDrops is Flipkart’s previous metaverse and Web3-based venture.

Flipkart has announced a strategic collaboration with Polygon to lead up to the foundation of blockchain-eCommerce Centre of Excellence.

The Centre will concentrate on e-commerce research and development in the metaverse and Web3 to explore the future repetition and staying online. 

Flipkart will explore how the future of value creation, commerce and consumption will be redefined by Web3 besides upgrading the shopping experiences for users. 

Chief Product and Technology Officer at Flipkart, Jeyandran Venugopal, said that innovation is among the major pillars for Flipkart and they have worked on technology services continuously with an aim to scale not only new frontiers but also launch new products as well as services. Partnership with Polygon is an honor since the latter is heading innovation both on national and international level. 

The announcement has been made closely after Flipkart’s foray in the metaverse with the Polygon-incubated venture, eDAO. The Flipverse rebuilt the controlled bond between brands and consumers to push new forms of engagement and applications via non-fungible tokens

Popular brands like Adobe, Stripe, Adidas and Robinhood have chosen Polygon to be their point of entry into Web3. Flipkart is future-proofing its blockchain investment by becoming a part of the vibrant ecosystem. 

Co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, said that Polygon acts like the go-to blockchain for the biggest firms that are moving into Web3. They aim to attract the next billion users towards Web3, which is why they are thrilled about the partnership to establish the Blockchain-eCommerce Centre of Excellence.

They are aware of the talent that lies in India and the collaboration will lead to more opportunities and will bring research & development to further strengthen the position of India as the powerhouse of Web3. The Centre of Excellence will act as a natural move towards eCommerce evolution worldwide.