Hippiecation presents the world’s first NFT gift to a newlywed Indian couple


  • Hippiecation to give the world’s first NFT gift to an Indian Wedding
  • The wedding was of Mr. Prathamesh Shetye and Mrs. Anala Shetye
  • The company is also preparing to launch its Legend Project series

In a recent announcement, Hippiecation LLP gathered news headlines by becoming the world’s first company to launch a new NFT project,” Legends Project,” for an authentic Indian wedding.  

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have already appeared in various avatars, including music, digital art, video games, trading cards, and so on. Hippiecation has made history for the first time by promising an NFT pass at a conventional Indian wedding.

The wedding was of Mr. Prathamesh Shetye and Mrs. Anala Shetye. The couple was holding the NFT Pass print frame in a photograph. The date of the wedding was May 20, 2022.

Soon the passes will be launched as part of the 500 Club NFT Pass project. The Hippiecation Legends Project is an original NFT project from the Goa-based web3 and event management firm.  

The notable Legends Project 500 Club Pass collection is made up of the Legends 500 Club NFT Pass. In addition to numerous IRL advantages, holding the NFT grants holders VIP access to the LEGENDS Universe and Hippiecation Music Festivals. The project will premiere on August 3, 2022.  

Each NFT pass holder is entitled to several secret IRL advantages, such as a 5 percent net profit-sharing agreement and free NFT airdrops from their upcoming projects.

A physical frame of the member’s free NFTs that are airdropped, a limited edition merchandise bag from their upcoming merch collection, VVIP access to their Legends Music Festivals, the hiring of talent from pass holders, and more. 

Mr.Ashwin, an events and brand management specialist, is also one of the company’s founders, Hippiecation.  

Hippiecation LLP, a music event and a web 3.0 startup, is also preparing to launch its Legend Project Series-1. It’s a collection of 9999 NFT Collectible art PFPs known as the LP series and is expected to be launched in October 2022.  
The company is also working on Web 3.0 ticketing innovations for live music performances and music festivals. After the debut of the 500 Club Pass project on August 3, 2022, updates on this will be provided