Doodle NFT announces animation studio Golden Wolf purchase


  • Doodles has agreed to buy Golden Wolf, an award-winning animation company.
  • The work will revolve around narrative storytelling, world building, and character development.
  • Doodles will employ Golden Wolf’s strategic partnership to launch Active Ingredient.

On January 23, 2023, Doodles NFT announced that they were buying award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf.

Doodles launched in October 2021 as a collection of digital artifacts based on characters developed by artist Burnt Toast and has grown into an animation, gaming, merchandise, music, and live events brand. With the Golden Wolf purchase, it is now focusing more on original material.

The agreement, the financial specifics of which have not been disclosed, is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. Golden Wolf’s group will then join Doodles. Ingi Erlingsson, founder and president of Golden Wolf, would become Chief Content Director of Doodles while continuing to supervise and run Golden Wolf’s operations in London and New York. 

This collaboration will unleash limitless potential in each of the businesses, propelling us closer to our aim of revolutionizing entertainment through compelling stories and universes. 

Doodles will use Golden Wolf’s strategic cooperation with artistic firm Psyop to establish Active Ingredient, a joint project. This will seek to retool narrative and the technologies required to bring it to life by using advances in AI and blockchain-based technology to provide tools and approaches for marketers, filmmakers, and producers.

According to Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, Web3 is enabling a new age of collecting, devotion, and customer thinking. This initiative serves the strategic goals of generating world-class entertainment, harnessing technology to nurture new forms, and, eventually, bringing joy to millions of people across the world.

Golden Wolf is best known for creating content for the Rick & Morty cartoon series. The company describes its approach as “dwelling in the gap between comedy, dynamic motion, and psychedelia.” It has also created material for Disneyland, Illumination, Nike, and Facebook, among many others, and is expanding into the creation of longer creative programming.