An outage led the Solana network to stop processing transactions


  • Due to a misconfigured node, the Solana network had to stop processing transactions.
  • The moment when the outage occurred, Solana went offline for two and a half hours.
  • These successions of significant outages are followed on the well-known blockchain network.

According to statistics from Solana, a misconfigured node led the Solana network to cease processing transactions and go down on Friday. This was the fourth significant outage for the well-known blockchain since January, when it experienced a succession of partial outages throughout the majority of that month. 

One year ago, an outage lasted over 18 hours in September. The No. 9 coin by market size, SOL, has dropped 81% in 2022 due to the brutal crypto winter.

The Solana Foundation’s Solana Status website said on Friday night at 7:01 p.m. EST that the network was “experiencing decreased performance” and that Solana developers were attempting to identify the problem. The network is “experiencing an outage and not processing transactions,” Solana stated shortly after.

The Solana validator behind tweeted about the event, saying,

It seems a misconfigured node triggered an unrecoverable partition in the network. 

They further translated for Decrypt over Twitter DM: “A validator was running a duplicate validator instance. As a result, some validators saw one block while the others saw the others when it was their turn to produce a block, and they could not agree on which block was correct. 

According to Stakewiz, the Solana codebase was intended to address the problem, but for some reason, it resulted in an irreversible partition or fork. According to them, the incorrect setting was unintentional and was “probably a faulty node failover setup.” The Solana mainnet network was resumed by developers at the most recent known time, 153139220. Moment of Solana had been offline for two and a half hours when the reboot was 49% complete.