Iranian businesses will now use cryptocurrency for imports


  • Businesses in Iran have got approval to adopt crypto for imports.
  • Local businesses can import vehicles and a range of extensive imported goods via cryptocurrencies rather than paying through United States dollar or euro.
  • Iran is adopting cryptocurrencies to identify and avoid sanctions for imports.

The Mines and Trade Ministry has given a green signal to the utilization of cryptocurrency for the purpose of imports in the country during the prevailing international trade sanctions.

Reza Fatemi Amin, Trade Minister, confirmed the approval of in-depth regulations to outline cryptocurrencies usage for trade and supplying fuel as well as electricity to both Bitcoin and crypto miners.

During an automotive industry exhibition, Amin mentioned the regulatory change.  Last week, the nation placed its first import order for vehicles through cryptocurrency as the medium of payment. Earlier, the trade ministry pointed towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts  in foreign trade by September. 

After the cryptocurrency-funded import, well-defined regulatory parameters were called by Iran’s Import Association to guarantee that importers and local businesses are not damaged by shifting directives.

The new regulations have every bug specified that is associated with cryptocurrencies along with the procedure of granting licenses and provision of fuel as well as energy to mine operators.  

The reason behind international trade sanctions against Iran are the opposition to the nuclear program, leading to the separation of the nation from the global banking system.

To acknowledge and refrain from sanctions for imports, Iran has deviated focus to using cryptocurrencies owing to the reason that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not monitored by central authorities or government.

In June last year, the Mines and Trade Ministry provided operating licenses to 30 crypto mining centers and approved 2,500 plus permits to establish new mining operations. Post that, the government not only cracked down on unauthorized mining operations but also banned mining for three months.