Rihanna’s NFT Experiment Highlights Tokenization’s Power


  • Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson, Highlights Tokenization’s Transformative Impact.
  • Blockchain Attracts Corporations and CEOs with Its Innovative Potential, Notes CEO.
  • Rihanna’s NFT Experiment Illustrates Tokenization’s Practicality in the Music Industry.

According to Jenny Johnson, the CEO of Franklin Templeton, a globally recognized asset management firm. Johnson shared her insights during CNBC’s Delivering Alpha event, highlighting the transformative impact of tokenization on asset ownership rights.

Tokenization, the innovative process of transforming asset ownership rights into digital tokens on a blockchain, is likened to “securitization on steroids” by Johnson. This comparison underscores the enhanced capabilities and efficiency this technology brings, exceeding the conventional expectations associated with securitization.

Johnson’s observations were part of a broader discussion focusing on the prospects of alternative investment vehicles. She emphasized that the influx of available capital and disruptive technological advancements draws more corporations and CEOs towards futuristic investments, such as blockchain technology. Johnson elaborated on the multifaceted benefits of blockchain, stating it facilitates payment mechanisms, enables the integration of smart contracts into tokens, and serves as a reliable general ledger, providing a single source of truth.

To illustrate her perspective, Johnson cited the example of renowned singer Rihanna, who recently released one of her hit songs as a nonfungible token (NFT), allowing token holders to earn a share of the streaming royalties. This innovative approach to music distribution and revenue sharing exemplifies the practical applications of tokenization in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, Johnson pointed out that athletes could leverage tokenization to their advantage by offering tokens representing a percentage of their future revenue streams to their fans. This approach allows fans to benefit financially from their support and exemplifies the versatility of tokenization in various domains.

Johnson, a veteran with over three decades of experience at Franklin Templeton, currently leads the company as its president and CEO. Franklin Templeton, managing assets worth $1.5 trillion, is among the firms awaiting regulatory approval in the United States for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).