Alchemy introduces Spearmint, an NFT allowlist platform for Ethereum, layer-2 projects


  • The most broken part of building with NFTs is the minting process.
  • A multibillion-dollar firm that has celebrity investors like Will Smith and Jay-Z has developed Spearmint.
  • Spearmint aims to make the platform open as well as accessible to everyone.

Alchemy, a blockchain software firm, has launched Spearmint, a new product to ease the NFT allowlist sign up along with the management procedure for creators.

The product can be used by creators for free to automate the creation process of allowlist by utilizing Spearmint’s tools. Alchemy has claimed that allowlist can be created in under 10 minutes and can be linked to an application and smart contract of a project through some simple lines of code. 

Spearmint will support NFT projects on Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon and Optimism, at launch.

At times, NFTs slow down networks such as Ethereum during minting, which results in an increase in the prices of Ethereum gas, leading to gas wars. 

Gas wars related concerns and an urge of creating expectation and rarity make a number of creators create allowlists. 

In a statement, Alchemy mentioned that upon working with thousands of NFT projects, they have heard that minting is the most crucial yet broken element of building with NFTs. Considering it, Spearmint has been created. 

Premint is Spearmint’s biggest competitor in terms of aiming at NFT creators who look for an easy and simple allowlist process. However, according to Mike Garland, Alchemy Product Manager, compared to Premint, Spearmint is more automated. 

Garland added that the major difference between the two is Spearmint API, which extracts a portion of the allowlist process that is hard, manual and laborious and automates everything. 

As of now, creators will depend on buyers to visit Spearmint’s site to utilize their allowlists though it will evolve with time. Continuing, he added that they are thinking how to transform it into a white-label solution. 

Jay Paik, Spearmint’s Lead Engineer, said that in terms of keeping away from gas wars, he thinks that preventing all gas wars is not easy. However, odds can be enhanced through “transparency from the project.”

Garland shared about any featured creators that Spearmint aims to display creators very responsibly. Also, he said that Alchemy has no plans to profit from Spearmint. 

In his statement, he said:

No monetization of the products and no plans to in the foreseeable future.