Snoop Dogg Will Issue Unreleased Music as NFTs on Cardano Blockchain

  • As part of a partnership with Cardano-based platform Clay Nation, American rapper Snoop Dogg will release anonymous music as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the ADA blockchain.
  • Snoop Dogg’s Cardano-based NFTs will also include “iconic collectibles” and “limited editions.” The cryptocurrency network reached a new milestone after the NFTs were issued.
  • Morgan Scofield, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Cardano, said that the network has now issued nearly 50,000 mining policies and over 4 million native tokens. There are now over 4 million tokens that are not fungible or ADA on Cardano.

With his status as an original artist, Snoop Dogg has risen to the top of the field, and it’s almost impossible not to have seen his name paired with the letters “NFT” in the last month. In addition to issuing non-fungible tokens and investing in blockchains, he has built his metaverse, Snoopverse, in The SandBox.

Formed a DAO, purchased lands, and purchased Death Row Records, which he converted into an NFT label and then released a music video in the metaverse for the first time under the web3 label. He has also built his metaverse, Snoopverse, in The SandBox, and formed a DAO. He is now supporting the Cardano blockchain.

To develop an NFT on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, Snoop Dogg is cooperating with the group Clay Nation. There are 10,000 digital figurines with handmade clay qualities in the NFT, all of which were algorithmically created using a computer vision algorithm. According to a tweet from Clay Nation, Charles Hoskinson, Snoop Dogg, and other celebrities will appear on the podcast on April 5 to present memorabilia, previously unheard music, proposals, and other things that will be available only via the podcast.

Intending to enhance the volume and liquidity of the Cardano system, ADA is preparing a hard fork for June. As a result of Snoop Dogg being the first principal singer to back Cardano, a slew of other musicians may follow in his footsteps, altering the game for blockchain technology.

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