BAYC’s Dookey Dash was exploited by Cygaar after several attempts


  • Cygaar spends five days in a quest to exploit Dookey Dash from BAYC; was successful after several attempts. 
  • He appreciated the Yuga Security team after failing to hack Dookey Dash faster because of the Yuga Security team’s locking up a lot of things. 
  • Cygaar affirmed that the code still requires a bit of refining and contacted Sam Curry and the Yuga Security team regarding patching this issue. 

In a recent Tweet, Cygaar, a famous software engineer, revealed that he spent the last five days in a quest to exploit Dookey Dash from the BAYC and shared a video proof of him going through each and every obstacle type. The video was shared as proof of his managing to still register a valid run on their system. 

The skill-based mint game “Dookey Dash” by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is very popular right now; it’s an endless runner game, just like many other classics like Super Mario Run, Temple Run, Robot Unicorn Attack, etc.

Further, it was claimed by Cygaar that it took two days to find the exploit and another three days to put together a conclusive proof of concept.

“I have no interest in compromising the integrity of the game,” the engineer stated on his Twitter account by tagging the staff security engineer of Sam Curry and the Yuga security team while patching this issue in Dookey Dash.

Adding further to his statement, he said:

“I most likely won’t be taking this proof of concept further because it is very time-consuming. However, I will look at additional ways hackers may attempt to gain advantages in this game.”

Well, Dookey Dash is a new game that challenges players to find a treasure box key by navigating a sewage system. The BAYC inventor initiated the game through the BAYC Sewer Pass, which quickly sold out, generating over $26 million in revenue.

Yuga Labs announced the launch of Sewer Passes for minting on January 18 for minting. Following that, BAYC revealed that Sewer Pass owners might visit Dookey Dash as many times as they like till February 8. 

Most recently, the Dookey Dash website was down for maintenance purposes, and BAYC affirmed that Powershart Packs that were purchased in advance of scheduled maintenance outages would be immediately reimbursed for the cost of boosts lost during the outage.