“Do you really think you could scam us asshole?”: BAYC


  • Yuga Labs launched Sewer Pass.
  • Owners of Dookey Dash can take advantage of it.
  • After Sewer Pass minting, Yuga Labs earned 400 ETH in total sales.

Bored Ape Yacht Club has tweeted about the Sewer Pass. Sewer Pass owners may visit Dookey Dash as many times as they like till February 8th. Apes who have not claimed their Sewer Pass have until February 8th to do so.

BAYC takes this seriously and will not accept any “nonsense” on their scoreboards. They will be on the lookout for any signs of cheating during the operation and reserve the right to eliminate any dubious scores following our auditing procedure. Yuga Labs released their Sewer Passes and received over 4,000 ETH in purchases within hours of their release. 

A Sewer Pass allows admission to Yuga Labs’ dynamic skill-based game Dookey Dash, which is available. Sewer passes are classified based on the BAYC/MAYC and BAKC combinations used during the claim. Subscribers must register a score greater than 0 with their Sewer Pass in order for the Sewer Pass to be summoned. When Dookey Dash shuts down on February 8th, scores will be locked for every sewer pass.

Cygaar also tweeted that he tried to hack the Bored Ape Yacht Club but couldn’t succeed. The image showed up saying, “Do you really think you can scam us?” He added that he was just trying to see the level of security provided by them and nothing else.

BAYC also talked about the picture in which Gary the Dog Prophet licked a frog, fell into the woods, and came back with this picture. They have no notion what that means but he refers to it as “the future.”