Game scores & wallets: BAYC publish Dookey Dash instructions


  • Bored Ape Yacht Club is talking about scores in the Dookey Dash Game.
  • Sewer Pass should be connected with a nonzero mark.
  • Every wallet and the ID Pass get a score.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is instructing people who are engaging in Dookey Dash and Sewer Pass via tweet on February 6, 2023. They need people to keep a few things in mind about scoring in the game and delegated wallets.

To join in the summons, sewer passes must be linked to a fixed nonzero mark after the February 8th timeframe. Passes linked to a score of zero after February 8th will be useless and will not be summoned.

Points for each Sewer Pass are associated with the last account and Sewer Pass token ID combination used to login and play. If you played the game and haven’t transferred your Pass to a new wallet afterward, you’ll have a score greater than zero and will be allowed to participate in the summoning. If you have switched the sewer pass to a different wallet and have not yet played the game with that pass, the point for that pass is 0. 

If you used your cold wallet and your hot wallet, or various warm wallets, keep in mind that each wallet and pass ID combination gets a distinct score. Both wallets will have their own set of scores. Ensure that the wallet with the highest score you want registered is the final wallet to link and play before the February 8th deadline.

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