BAYC Member Bought A Gold Fur Monkey NFT For $1.5 million


  • An NFT collector bought Gold Fur Bored Ape For $1.5 million.
  • The NFT sale comes at a time when BAYC floor price had declined.
  • The seller, pseudonym q, made a whopping 500% profit.

The NFT craze continues as the famous BAYC NFTs made headlines on Tuesday. Amid the falling NFT prices, an NFT whale added another prized NFT to his collection for millions.

NFT collector, Vis.ETH bought Gold Bored Ape #5383 for 777 ETH which converts to roughly $1,478,000 at the time of purchase. The million-dollar sale sent the BAYC collection’s median price to a new 2-month high.

BAYC #5383 is a six-trait gold fur ape with a lumberjack shirt, angry eyes and a bored unshaven mouth. It is the 320th rarest primate in the collection.

When the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Vis.ETH regarding his purchase, he said,

“I wanted to collect a golden monkey,” Vis.Eth told the Gazette. “777eth is a suitable price. Yuga will be the first successful social verse.”

Vis.ETH is popular as the metaverse mogul due to his vast collection of rare and valuable NFTs. He owns Cryptopunk #416 and BAYC #2014 which he bought for 250 ETH and 125 ETH respectively. The NFT whale also owns Bored Ape #8686 and #1131 from the collection. Other NFTs in his wallet include Otherdeeds from Otherside which he acquired for $9 million.

Vis.ETH is also a member of Mfers, CloneX, Azuki and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) collections, among others.

The seller, pseudonym q, had bought the Bored Ape #5383 for 95 ETH on 1st August 2021. He made a huge profit of 682 ETH which converts to nearly $1.2 million.