BAYC announces Dookey Dash and Sewer Pass claim launch


  • Dookey Dash for MINT has been officially released, according to BAYC.
  • Only BAYC and MAYC sewage pass owners are qualified to apply for a free sewer pass.
  • The ability to switch to a cryptic new power source will be available to authorized sewer passes.

For the first time, BAYC has acknowledged the upcoming release of the MINT game Dookey Dash. Each person must possess a sewer permit in order to utilize them. On January 17, free sewer passes will only be available to BAYC and MAYC sewage holders. You may create a new switching power supply by repurposing the effective sewer pass.

The tweet further mentioned,

The sewers will now open on Thursday, 19 January 2023, and they guarantee that all apes worldwide will have at least 24 hours to claim their passes in response to users’ input on the timing to get access.

To ensure everyone has their scuba gear ready to go, they will tweet an hour before Dookey Dash goes live. Sewer Pass and Dokey Dash claims will continue to expire on February 8, as scheduled. Concerns regarding the claim process? Message us on our official Discord server.

However, given how strongly cryptocurrency prices correlate with the economy, that seems improbable. All forms of speculative assets have significantly suffered due to the Federal Reserve’s efforts to fight inflation by hiking interest rates.

Meta has decreased by more than 50% compared to last year’s period, Alphabet by Google has decreased by 33%, and Tesla has reduced by 64%. Because many analysts anticipate a recession in 2023, it is doubtful that cryptocurrencies and NFTs will soon reach their pre-crisis highs.

Dookey Dash continues the tradition of entertaining and cutting-edge NFT experiences established by the designers of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Watch for Dookey Dash’s release, and be ready to put your abilities to the test as you vie for the top place on the scoreboard.