BitKeep Wallet hijacked, various malicious codes installed


  • BitKeep Wallet has been hijacked recently.
  • The hijacker has hijacked the APK packages and installed various malicious codes to transfer the amount to various addresses.
  • The cyber attack has transferred 652 BNB and 70,000 DAI.

With the recent loss of various tokens in BitKeepOS, the preliminary investigation suggests that the hijackers hijacked the APK packages. Along with hijacking, these packages are also installed.

On their official Twitter channel, OKLink clarified that the data monitor had found this suspected deposit address that might belong to the BitKeeper hackers. Moreover, they have also specified the address to be 2,896,386 USDT 166,010 DAI and 2,310 BNB.

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With various malicious codes installed, OKLink and its KYT Platform have added the address to the blacklist, guaranteeing the customers that it will provide better security. The platform says that the hackers were mixing coins via SideShift and FicxedFloat and have transferred 652 BNB and 70,000 DAI to various addresses. 

The BitKeep, a non-custodial wallet, is suspected of having been hijacked in a large area, and the BitKeep Security Fund is expected to make the total compensation. The currently suspected theft is worth $8 million. 

The official team suggests that users transfer their funds to official sources like Google Play and App Store. The team also asks the users to create a new address for their wallet, as hackers might compromise their last addresses. The hacker is expected to have transferred more than $5 million in digital assets.