Blue chip NFT hasn’t recovered still,  investors HODL even harder though


  • Blue-chip NFTs have fallen in value for the second time.
  • 53% NFT investors suffered losses in trading during the last 30 days.
  • A rise in the number of investors holding NFT investments has been observed despite the cold market sentiment.

Once again the market performance of blue chip NFTs has hit the low range by falling below 10,000 ETH in the blue-chip index. 

April 29 was the date when Blue chip NFTs had their best performance of about 14,900 ETH. However, it didn’t take bad luck to come along as June 13 was the worst performing date in the entire history of blue chip NFT. The index came down to 9,331 ETH which was driven by an adjustment in floor price of CyberKongzBabies and CyberKongz projects. 

Approximately 53% NFT investors suffered losses during the last 30 days. However, investors who possess their NFT investments are only increasing. 

 In June and July, about 500,000 users became a part of the NFT investors pool with an intention of holding for long-term; thereby, taking total holders count beyond 3 million. 

PFP NFTs have the largest capitalization of 13.95 billion among all the NFT categories

Games, collectibles and art NFTs constitute about $6.7 billion. 

To counter illegal activities through NFT trades, OpenSea has announced its plan to create policies based on the stolen NFTs sale.

OpenSea has confessed that buyers purchased stolen items unknowingly and suffered a penalty without any fault. This is the reason OpenSea addressed its stolen items policy and promised adjustments.