Blur NFT Marketplace now controls 30% of market


  • Blur, an NFT community, has grown its market share.
  • Blur’s gain is tied to the impending debut of its native token.
  • In terms of quantity sales, Blur controls approximately 30% of the market.

Over the last 30 days, the market share of an NFT exchange named Blur has increased significantly. Blur has 30% of the overall NFT market dominance. Crypto market participants think Blur’s surge is linked to the imminent launch of its native coin, which was initially set for January 2023 but was postponed, according to a team statement. The token will now be distributed on February 14, 2023.

Since its October debut, Blur, the non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, has experienced a huge surge in trade. According to Dune Analytics, Blur has around 30% of the market’s share in terms of volume sales. Opensea, the leading company in NFT, controls 48% of the industry.

Blur are aware that they have exceeded their intended January deadline and apologise for the inconvenience. They’re attempting new things, and the extra two weeks will enable us to provide a never-before-seen launch.

Blur’s NFT revenue was $33.06 million, revealed analytics platform Dappradar. In the week, the platform was the second-largest in terms of overall sales, after Opensea’s sale price of $112.89 million. According to 24-hour sales figures, Blur made $5.08 million on the previous day, while OpenSea made $16.24 million.

The motive to get airdropped coins fuelled Looksrare’s volume of sales, and the NFT system was able to secure large quantities with OpenSea during the fourth quarter of 2021. Looksrare briefly eclipsed OpenSea’s daily sales in January 2022. Looksrare has fallen from second place in the NFT sales platform to fifth place today. In terms of total sales, Blur has made $458.05 million since its debut.

Blur, the NFT platform, is placed 11th in terms of its total sales. It is less than Magic Eden’s $2.07 billion, Looksrare’s $1.69 billion, and X2Y2’s $1.07 billion in NFT markets. However, it has outsold the NFT marketplaces Wax Atomicmarket ($441.42 million), Immutable X Marketplace ($387.11 million), and Rarible ($301.95 million) in terms of all-time revenues.