Advisory firm Teneo moved more than 300 Starry Night Capital’s NFTs


  • Teneo has moved 300+ NFTs that belong to Starry Night Capital.
  • Teneo will sell all 3 Arrows Capital related Starry Night NFTs to benefit the stakeholders.
  • NFTs from collections like Fidenza, Rare Pepe and CrypToadz are in Starry Night’s portfolio.

Teneo, the advisory firm and the liquidator of Three Arrows Capital, has moved 300+ NFTs of Starry Night Capital. 

In a statement, Teneo said that through the coordination of VincentVanDough, the pseudonymous NFT collector, it is under the ownership of particular Starry Night Capital non-fungible tokens and the remaining ones are being moved to it.

In August last year, Starry Night Capital was launched by VVD and Three Arrows Capital founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies.  A day before, Today NFT News reported that 300+ NFTs moved out of the Starry Night Capital address for the very first time in four months. The worth of these NFT is over 625 ETH which is around $840,000. 

Teneo shared that the reason behind VVD bonding with the company was to safeguard the value of the assets to benefit all stakeholders. Also, VVD assured that none of the Starry Night Portfolio is disposed of inappropriately or without the BVI Court’s sanction, if needed. 

Teneo further said that all Starry Night non-fungible tokens will be sold with support from DVD. Adding on, it said that further details regarding the disposal procedure will be included later. If Starry Night Capital’s any investor gets affected by the matter or has concerns or questions regarding the liquidation process, they can get in touch with the firm. 

Starry Night plans included generating $100 million at the fund’s launch in August. $45 million had been made by September, as told by VVD.

Davies, VVD and ZHU are familiar with each other for a decade. VVD shared that they have been friends beyond crypto too. He was responsible for curating non-fungible tokens on Starry Night Capital; whereas, Davies and Zhu looked after the remaining operations.