Bobble AI and KamaSutra Launches World’s First Sexual Wellness NFTs


  • The first-ever NFTs from KamaSutra are available in their Sexual Wellness category.
  • Along with Bobble AI, six new NFTs have been released.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to organizations that promote sexual wellbeing among children and adolescents.

The country’s top sexual wellness brand, KamaSutra, has introduced the country’s first-ever NFTs. As part of its sexual health campaign, a pioneering brand known for introducing the notion of sex as a pleasure to India today partnered with Bobble AI, the country’s largest discussion media platform with 65 million members worldwide, to introduce six separate NFTs.

Within the first month, three of the nine stickers received 6.5 million impressions and over 55K shares on the Bobble AI platform. The banana, strawberry, and orange tastes of KamaSutra condoms were among the sticker themes.

 Millennials and GenZ are eager to learn about and incorporate KamaSutra-branded material into their regular chats, and some may even buy NFTs from Madison Media’s KamaSutra campaign, which was strategically planned and executed, has surely caused ripples in the media and among millennials/GenZs.

Pooja Sahgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Raymond Consumer Care, said

KamaSutra’s debut into the NFT industry was “Being a famous brand with memorable campaigns.” KamaSutra has entered the Web 3.0 world with our category-first move into the NFT arena, so it’s all uphill from here. The goal is to create futuristic brand experiences, which can only be accomplished via strong collaborations and cutting-edge technology. We’re excited to collaborate with Madison and Bobble AI, two platforms with unique ideas and a knack for fostering immersive interactions.

 Vandana Ramkrishna, COO, Madison Media Ace, arranged this cooperation and stated:

We are forging new ground and exploring new prospects in a VUCA environment with KamaSutra. It’s a first in the category. The Metaverse represents a fundamental shift in how we interact with the digital world. Leaping in allows companies to experiment with new, linked experiences. 

KamaSutra, a brand of Raymond Consumer Care, will give the proceeds from NFT sales to Pathfinder International, a global non-profit focusing on sexual wellness and reproductive health, as the first mover in its category to enter the market.

With a significant presence in the area for over three decades, the launch is expected to increase the brand’s relevance and appeal among GenZ.