cocoNFT acquired by’s Metaverse group


  •’s subsidiary company Metaverse Group has acquired cocoNFT.
  • The co-founder of coco will work as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product officer.
  • coco’s tools and platform will add to the growth of Metaverse.

Recently announced that its subsidiary company, Metaverse Group, has acquired coco. coco is an NFT platform for creators who are non-crypto-native. The co-founder of coco joined the metaverse group with a lot of experience from the text sector and will take over the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. is a publicly-traded company that has always invested in web3 assets. It also builds different businesses that have links with crypto staking, the metaverse, and play-to-earn gaming. 

The acquisition of coco includes a software platform that provides early-mint NFTs to users through Instagram. This helps leverage the blockchain and the web3 wallet. There are a lot of applications for these tools, for both brands and creators.

The purpose of the Metaverse group is the advancement of coco’s technology offering and the incorporation of the products with its Virtual World B2B offering. Additionally, Metaverse is going to manage the online community built by coco which has over 45,000 followers across Twitter and TikTok, and build better strategic partnerships with OpenSea and Rarible.

The chief technology officer position will be handed over to the co-founder of coco Mark Allen, and Brody Bersin. Another co-founder will work as the chief product officer in Metaverse as a part of the acquisition. They bring a lot of technical background to the Metaverse, as both were on the development teams of companies like Hootsuite and Zapier. Their main focus will be building tools and products for NFT and virtual world applications.

The CEO of and the executive chair of the Metaverse group, Andrew Kiguel, said they were pleased to welcome cocoNFT to the Metaverse group. They see prioritizing the development of web3 and NFT use cases

With the help of tools and platforms, the abilities of meta words groups will improve, and they can provide more creative and impactful ways in which brands and businesses can connect with their audience.