Coinbase, Darma Capital, and Cumberland release predictions for 2023


  • Twitter user CJ has recently shared predictions made by three institutions for 2023 and said the market is generally optimistic about Ethereum and L2.
  • The revelation surfaced NFTs require more traditional brands, and GameFi will be led by traditional game companies.
  • It shared promising projects and tokens with potential in 2023.

In a recent tweet shared by CJ, it was revealed that three institutions had made some predictions regarding the market. The three institutions are Coinbase, Darma Capital, and Cumberland, a DRW company. The predictions made by the three institutions are generally optimistic about Ethereum and L2. In addition to this, the revelation mentioned that NFTs withe adopted by more traditional brands. 

What added more to the tweet was the fact that games will be led by traditional game firms, and, along with this, CJ shared the promising projects and tokens that carry some potential in 2023. The three institutions are Coinbase, Darma Capital, and Cumberland, a DRW company. 

Addressing the outlook for 2023, Coinbase revealed that the decoupling from traditional markets is not going to happen in early 2023 as investors are rotating to quality projects. Darma Capital revealed that the FED is going to stop raising interest rates in Q2, 2023, and there are chances that the bull run might start in Q3 along with the flippening. 

As for Cumberland, they are expecting a clear regulatory framework for stablecoins, and it is going to be a carefully approached market due to the 2022 implosions. 

The three institutions shared their predictions for BTC, which went like BTC’s outperformance against FX, the top coin to shed some more of its market dominance, and BTC to be used as a reserve asset or a global payment medium. 

It should be given the emphasis that all three institutions are bullish on Ethereum. NFTs are going to be adopted by brands and will be focusing more on real-world utility. As per Darma Capital, the era of JPEG is done, and phygital is next. NFTs will be serving as the main medium for brands in order to expand in the space. 

Discussing the key predictions for DeFi, Coinbase emphasized that institutional lending is going to thrive, with bullish ZKs, interoperability, and the emergence of tradfi tools.