Cool Cats NFTs Soar in Macy’s Parade and Expand Digitally: A Multifaceted Evolution


  • Cool Cats NFTs make the mainstream leap with Macy’s Parade debut and YouTube Shorts series.
  • Blue Cat NFTs reached “blue chip” status despite crypto market challenges in 2021.
  • The brand’s diversification into gaming, merchandise, and real-world integration marks its evolution into a global lifestyle brand.

The iconic NFT collection Cool Cats took a significant leap into mainstream visibility, debuting as a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This move coincides with the launch of a YouTube Shorts series, “The Milk Chug.” Hence, it marks a pivotal moment for the brand, which originated from the creative mind of artist Colin ‘Clon’ Egan.

Initially, Clon’s Cool Cats appeared as simple artwork. However, they gained substantial traction after transitioning to Instagram in 2015. The pivotal year for Cool Cats was 2021 when 9,999 Blue Cat PFPs (Profile Picture) NFTs were released. Significantly, the collection became a “blue chip” project in the NFT boom, with prices peaking at an average of $92,000.

However, the road could have been smoother. The broader crypto market downturn and community discontent saw a drop in the value of these NFTs. Consequently, the Cool Cats Group sought to diversify and expand its reach. This strategy included plans to extend to multiple blockchain networks and license its IP to game studios.

Moreover, this diversification strategy is already in motion. Notably, three well-established gaming publishers, nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios, have been tapped for game development using the Cool Cats brand. All these games are currently in the works and are expected to be released between 2023 and 2024.

Additionally, a limited-edition Cool Cats hoodie will be available in a unique blend of physical and digital worlds. This hoodie, featuring an NFC tag linked to an Azuki physical-backed token, illustrates the brand’s commitment to integrating its digital assets with real-world products.

This strategic expansion into gaming and merchandise and its high-profile appearance at the Macy’s Parade positions Cool Cats as a forward-thinking brand. It is adapting to the changing landscapes of digital assets and consumer engagement. The Cool Cats’ foray into various entertainment and product avenues signifies its evolution from a simple NFT collection to a comprehensive global brand. Consequently, this positions Cool Cats not just as a player in the digital art world but as a multifaceted entertainment and lifestyle brand.