DS Group celebrates 93rd Founders’s Day with the launch of “A Dream In A Million Metaphors” NFT


  • DS Group has launched its first NFT to celebrate its 93rd Founders’ Day.
  • The NFT is a tribute to the vision, ethics and legacy the founders have left behind.
  • The mosaic has 93 images and each mosaic shows an iota of the voyage embarked by the founders.

Dharampal Satyapal group popularly known as DS Group has released an NFT, A Dream In A Million Metaphors, on the occasion of its 93rd Founders’ Day.

Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman, DS Group, said that they live by the vision of their Founding Fathers. Their aim of consistent quality and innovation is something the group has adopted and lives up to. Growth in technology is changing the way businesses work nowadays. Among all the technologies, NFTs have brought a major shift. 

The NFT by DS Group represents a tribute to the legacy established by its founders and is a way of aligning with modern technology and exploring it. 

Since the NFT covers the heart of the foundation, it unveils the major portrait of the group’s founders. The title of the NFT represents Web3.0 to instill life in the legendary moments through an experiential microsite that depicts the non-fungible story of the DS Group. 

The group was founded in 1929 and its 93rd Founders’ Day celebrates an era of establishing benchmarks, achieving milestones and surpassing new territories. The NFT marks the vision and ethics of Lala Dharampal and Satyapal ‘Sugandhi,’ the founders of the company.