American Pizza Restaurant Papa John’s Free NFT “Hot Bags” Giveaway

  • An American pizza take-out and delivery chain has announced giving away free NFT Hot Bags.
  • The bags are designed by Ash Sketch and Tom Hoff.
  • A lucky winner will win a real yellow bag designed by Ash Sketch on 14th April.

Papa John’s, an American pizza take-out & delivery chain has recently announced a giveaway of NFT that will take place in the form of “Hot Bags.” Nine extraordinary and exclusive NFT Hot Bags that are collectibles and designed by Ash Sketch and Tom Hoff were introduced by the chain. The fans and those interested in NFT will be quite delighted to find out that the “Hot Bags” are now officially available and can be grabbed by the individuals.

Papa John’s has introduced itself to the NFT Universe, along with several other super cool NFTs.

The NFTs by Papa John’s are said to be minted on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. Minting is surprisingly entirely free. The only thing it requires is for the user to connect to Temple wallet or Kujai. According to Papa John’s, your NFT will be delivered to your wallet at the same time your pizza is delivered to your doorstep.

They have also stated that every user must be of at least 18 years of age or older than that.

Along with the NFTs, a chosen participant that will be considered lucky will win a real yellow bag called ‘Papa 1984′. It is designed by Ash Sketch. The entire team will choose a single NFT Hot Bag owner and release a winning ticket. The winning ticket will be sent to the winner’s crypto wallet. On April 14th, the team will announce the winner.

Papa John’s NFT Designers

ASH sketch, is an artist, designer as well as illustrator, based in London, United Kingdom. The work he provides always has a vibrant and playful touch. He is inspired by the love he has for fashion, design, and art. Apart from this, you can find that his work is often featured on billboards all across the United Kingdom and in high-profile magazines too.

Tom Hoff is an artist based in Spain from Chilea. He is very talented and his drawings are satirical as well as beautiful. Apart from that, his work also speaks about his fascination and interest with different types of cultures.

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