Gym Aesthetics x OliveX Launch Gym A Club NFT Collection


  • OliveX hopes to bring in an entirely different audience by gamifying fitness via crypto.
  • The core strategy is to build a hub that allows real-world brands to transition into the metaverse space.
  • The aim is to bring fitness addicts towards crypto and NFTs.

Bringing real-world health and fitness brands into the metaverse, the OliveX Fitness Metaverse is coming to The Sandbox. OliveX is working directly with The Sandbox to make and open an interoperable ecosystem of fitness that will merge Dustland Runner and Rider, DOSE and the Fitness Metaverse to turn real-world rewards into a useful a utility in the digital world.

OliveX shared an insight about The Fitness Metaverse on its official website.

The collection of avatars will comprise of unique NFT of ambassadors, which will have the potential of offering a benefit in the future and use to the OliveX ecosystem of apps.

Taking to its Twitter handle, OliveX Fitness Metaverse tweeted:

The Fitness Metaverse will enable fitness brands enter into the blockchain technology as well as gaming communities that otherwise do not interact with fitness in the real world. Major reason behind Fitness Metaverse is taking maximum people towards fitness, health and well-being. Also, it aims to encourage more and more people to remain physically active.

Through gamification of fitness, OliveX has plans to include its fitness partner into the virtual world to promote health and fitness and make them accessible for all.

Upon being available, The Fitness Metaverse will allow users of Dustland Runner and Dustland Rider to use their earned rewards, DOSE, to buy Gym Aesthetics NFTs, apparel, events, avatars, memorabilia and more that can offer additional utility, technical updates and the flex of acquiring some of the rarest items that belong to The Fitness Metaverse.