Usain Bolt is now the brand ambassador for Step App


  • Step App is launching digital footwear, ‘SNEAKs,’ that can be purchased, traded and worn virtually.
  • Private beta is live now and open for sign-up for exclusive access.
  • The users will be awarded KCAL tokens with their steps.

8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time world champion, Usain Bolt, the celebratory spinner of all time is the new brand ambassador for Step App’s beta testnet launch. 

Step App strives to build a gamified metaverse that allows users to purchase NFT sneakers, wear them and earn rewards. 

As the new face of the platform, Bolt will support in onboarding millions of users across the world. He will also attract more premium brand partners as well as governmental organizations who have the same vision as Step App in terms of wishing for a healthier world through Web3. 

Under the partnership, he will participate in Step App’s both physical and social media events like the brand’s presentation face.

Approximately 20 million pre-signed users will get to socialize, earn, exercise and play through the innovative technology of the site. Users can also buy digital footwear, SNEAKs to trade, purchase and wear it virtually on the platform. 

KCAL tokens will be given to users on every step. A metavrse will be hosted by the app’s quick and low-cost blockchain, Avalanche.

On his partnership with Step App, Bolt said:

Exercise has always been, and still is a massive part of my life. When I learned what the team at Step App were building, I was instantly inspired and wanted to be part of this incredibly important global movement.

Users’ metaverse avatars develop as well as change upon completing the fitness goals in augmented reality.  Featuring player-vs-player matching, it enables users to combine fitness with social experiences on a local, regional or global scale. 

Private beta of Step App is now available. Those who are interested in the platform can sign-up to seek special access. As far as public access is concerned, it is available on Android. 

Sign-up for special access is also available for those interested in the platform. Public access will be accessible on iOS and Android smartphones soon.