Binance charity to sponsor 30k web3 scholarships in 2023


  • Binance charity is ready to fund 30,655 scholarships to students to pursue their career in web3.
  • Binance charity plans to help worldwide students.
  • They are planning to partner with Ukraine departments and help Ukrainians to pursue their study.

A recent blog post by BCSP mentioned that they provide free Web3 training courses to assist tech-savvy students in improving their abilities.

According to them, “they acknowledged that access to digital education and skill development might be limited for many, leaving the blockchain sector lacking in talent and diversity.” The Binance Scholar Program alters all that by paying for tuition and course fees at the top universities and vice versa.

According to the blog post, approximately 82,000 applications have been received to join the next BCSP cohort, leading to an acceptance rate of around 37%.

The participating educational institutions and universities are listed below: 

  • The University of Western Australia,  
  • University of Nicosia in Cyprus, 
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany,
  • Nigerian technology cluster Utiva. 

Some BCSP events would also occur at Women in Tech, the Kyiv IT Cluster, Simplon, a tuition-free training institution in France, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. During the Russia-Ukraine war, Binance Charity worked with Ukrainian-based agencies to retrain Ukrainian students.

They are also partnering with Women in Tech to train 3,000 women in rural South Africa and Brazil.

In addition, Binance Academy will provide partnership support to Binance Charity. Through Binance Charity, over 290,000 hours of Web3 education and training courses have been funded in 2022 alone.

They tweeted that they helped students worldwide, especially those who needed to spread their knowledge.

According to Helen Hai, head of Binance Charity, interest in the initiative is soaring: 

The overwhelming interest in learning about blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, coding, and other topics demonstrated by the reaction to their Web3 education program is remarkable.