in3D converts selfies into dancing & talking avatars using NVIDIA Omniverse


  • The NVIDIA Omniverse Extension creates customized realistic avatars through mobile scanning.
  • Creators and developers can download NVIDIA Omniverse for free.
  • The platform can be used by enterprise teams for 3D projects.

Developers at NVIDIA Omniverse have created an extension allowing people to immediately import their 3D avatars into virtual environments from their smartphones. The extensions act as the major building blocks that allow creating and extending functions of Omniverse applications. 

The in3D app will take people into Omniverse. Creators can create interactive virtual worlds and utilize the avatars in the stories as actors, heroes as well as spectators. The app is compatible with phones that have a camera to recreate the overall geometry & texture of a user based on a video selfie.

It is even possible to add the avatars into 3D worlds with a customized wardrobe and animations too. 

Creating 3D avatars is easy and scalable with in3D, as the app is well-versed in understanding the depth, geometry, vectors, and texture of an individual through a mobile scan. The details are used to replicate lifelike detail as well as make animations for avatars.

CEO of in3D, Dmitry Ulyanov, said that the application captures even the tiniest details with accuracy and adjusts lighting. 

The software is a blessing for creators who build 3D worlds, as in3D helps to save time, boost productivity, and support cost savings. 

Ulyanov shared that creating an avatar manually takes months; however, at the same time, in3D software development kit and scanning app enable one to scan as well as upload 21,000 individuals through a single GPU and a mobile phone. 

By using the extension of in3D with NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine, the possibilities to create avatars open up, and users are enabled to customize imported avatars to interact with virtual worlds. 

Importing the avatars into the Omniverse through USD makes it possible to use them in applications like Audio2Face and Omniverse Create. 

As the Omniverse extension is now available, the number of developers who utilize avatars will be expanded next.Previously, Today NFT News reported, Nvidia to gain foothold in the metaverse with new developer tools.