NVIDIA launches Omniverse Cloud services to create & run industrial metaverse applications


  • WPP, RIMAC Group and Siemens are early supporters of Omniverse Cloud.
  • The industry’s expectation from phenomenal automotive content has increased.
  • More than 200,000 individuals and 700 firms are using Omniverse.

NVIDIA has announced NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud, a broad suite of cloud services for developers, artists and enterprise teams to carry out designing, publishing, operating and experiencing metaverse applications. 

With Omniverse Cloud, people and teams, in one click, can experience the ability to design and partner on 3D workflows without any local compute power. From training to simulating, testing and using AI-powered machines with improved accessibility and scalability, roboticists can do everything. To test a range of road and weather conditions for safe driving, vehicle engineers can create physically dependent sensor data and simulate traffic conditions.

WPP is the first organization that has launched automotive marketing services on Omniverse Cloud. The goal behind is providing innovative & custom 3D content as well as experiences to popular automotive brands.

Moving on, known as a leader in both industrial automation software & hardware, Siemens is working with NVIDIA to leverage NVIDIA OVX infrastructure and Omniverse Cloud jointly for solutions possible from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform.

RIMAC, a leader in electric vehicle technologies, is deploying Omniverse Cloud for an end-to-end automotive pipeline that ranges from designing to marketing.

Omniverse Cloud services operate on the Omniverse Cloud Computer, which refers to a computing system consisting of NVIDIA OVX for physics & graphics simulation, the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network that offers great performing and low-latency metaverse graphics and NVIDIA GTX for innovative artificial intelligence workloads.

Omniverse Cloud services have:

  • Omniverse Nucleus Cloud: enables 3D designers and teams to partner and access a shared Universal Scene Description dependent 3D scene and data. Creators, designers or developers can save changes besides sharing & making live edits and checking view changes from anywhere.
  • Omniverse App Streaming: allows users to stream Omniverse reference applications such as Omniverse Create, Omniverse View and NVIDIA Issac Sim. 
  • Omniverse Replicator: allows developers, researchers and enterprises to create physically accurate 3D synthetic data. It also allows creating custom synthetic-data generation tools.  
  • Omniverse Farm: allows enterprises and users to tackle several cloud compute instances for the purpose of scaling out Omniverse tasks like synthetic data generation and rendering.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Sim: it powers photorealistic, physically correct virtual environments for developing, testing and handling  AI-powered robots.
  • NVIDIA DRIVE Sim: a simulation platform to conduct large-scale and physically correct multisensor simulations and support development & validation of autonomous vehicles.

Omniverse Cloud will be available as managed services by NVIDIA.