Indian game streaming service Loco to create fan experiences on web3


  • Avalanche Multiverse gains Loco, who then launches a subnet to increase its presence in Asia.
  • The most recent $42 million raised for Loco is the most extensive Series A round in India and Southeast Asia gaming history.
  • Companies like Krafton, Activision Blizzard, and Riot Games have collaborated on the gaming platform.

Loco, a top independent esports and live-streaming platform, is developing a line of Web3 products that will offer cutting-edge fan experiences by employing a unique Avalanche subnet. In the history of gaming in India and Southeast Asia, Loco now has one of the most extensive Series A investments at $142 million.

Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, and Krafton are a few of the businesses that have worked with the gaming platform. A new chapter in Avalanche’s explosive growth in Asia was begun by Loco’s continued product promotion and its Avalanche Subnet. Avalanche was launched by Alibaba and GREE, two pioneers in Japanese gaming. To strengthen and secure the network, Loco will operate its Avalanche validators.

Loco has committed to developing Avalanche to provide the Indian gaming market with goods that are highly engaging and entertaining. Loco’s user base can expand to hundreds of millions of users thanks to avalanche subnets. It will minimize network expenses and transaction latency. Users of Loco will also have free access to trade Loco Legenda trinkets for other items on Avalanche. 

Ava Labs will also help Loco by offering the Multiverse Incentive Program. Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, co-founders of Loco, have joined forces with Ava Labs to create entertaining games for a large player base. 

By fostering a closer connection between fans and their favorite producers, these skill-based activities will raise the quality of fans’ enjoyment of watching digital entertainment. Loco will provide users with a direct yet satisfying user experience by providing dependable and secure platforms to store, buy, and exchange assets.

Only Avalanche subnets can handle high traffic volumes without degrading the user experience. Pioneers like Loco use digital assets in novel ways to interact with fans and develop applications.