Invesco unveils $30 million metaverse fund


  • On August 22, the Invesco Metaverse Fund was formally launched
  • Tony Roberts and James McDermottroe, who work for Invesco UK, will manage the fund
  • The fund’s seven key investment sectors have surpassed the obvious.

Invesco invests in midsize, large as well as small-cap companies by using the metaverse funds besides investing greatly in the metaverse. The fund will be invested in Asian, European, and American companies based on augmented reality. 

How the fund performs will be compared with the global equity index MSCI ASWI. It displays over 85% of the investible equity opportunities worldwide. 

The fund will be jointly handled by Tony Robers, the fund’s manager, and James McDermottroe, the deputy fund manager. Both of them work for the equities team of Invesco’s UK-based Asia and Emerging Markets.

According to certain media reports, the fund size is over $30 million. 

The VR and AR market will be worth £1.4 trillion by 2030. According to Roberts, the metaverse’s applications in terms of entertainment are well-understood; the interactivity it leads to will create a transformative effect throughout industries like education, healthcare, sports, and logistics. 

Many platforms have extended funds into the metaverse recently. According to Invesco, seven major investment sectors of the funds exceed the renowned segments of the evolving industry. 

Head of UK distribution at Invesco, Alexander Millar, said:

At Invesco, we will always aim to offer clients best-in-class solutions to help capture exciting opportunities – and the Metaverse is certainly one of these.

However, Bank of England researchers believe that the growing utilization of the metaverse could cause a systemic risk to financial stability.