KLAYMETA: How to interact with Klaytns immersive GameFi blockchain


The metaverse remains one of the biggest trends in tech recently, although there are different views and concerns over its short-term prospects, meaning, and application. However, GameFi and NFTs are two gateway applications that have pushed the Metaverse concept in 2022. Blockchain implementation can bring a lot of value and benefits to the metaverse concept as more brands and businesses take advantage of this immersive technology to create excitement through their products and marketing.

Enter the Klaytn Network.

What is Klaytn network?

Created by Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korean tech giant Kakao, Klaytn Network is a service-centric, enterprise-grade blockchain. A GameFi and metaverse-friendly blockchain that provides an environment for businesses and builders to create blockchain apps (BApps) quickly with minimal fees. Simply, it’s a blockchain for the Metaverse. It’s powered by the $KLAY token and has more than 250 dApps running on it. One particular Metaverse platform on the Klaytn Network looking to uniquely create an easy, fun, and immersive gaming experience is KLAYMETA.


KLAYMETA is a utility-packed play-and-earn MMORPG game built by Natrin on the Klaytn Network blockchain. It is a gameplay-centered project that utilizes several measures, such as breeding, summoning, fusion, staking, and governance, to create an immersive experience. Players can summon Avatars, which are special NFTs that bring them into this exciting ecosystem and enjoy adventure gameplay and quests while earning. The $META token governs the KLAYMETA ecosystem.

What is $META?

$META is a KIP-7 token on the Klaytn Network that governs the KLAYMETA ecosystem. It has a total supply of  200,000,000, with 24,154,409.59 tokens in circulation. $META will serve both governance and utility functions. Staking $META will give users vMETA, which assures ownership in KLAYMETA depending on the amount owned.

How to interact with the KLAYMETA Platform

Interaction with the platform will require you to:

1. Set up a wallet

There are 3 different wallets that can be used with the platform. Here are guides on how to setup different wallets to use.

2. Deposit $KLAY into wallet

Klaytn Network is powered by $KLAY, which can be bought on centralized exchanges like Binance, Bybit, Kucoin etc.

3. Swap $KLAY for $META

$KLAY can be swapped for $META through KLAYswap here.

Note – Do not swap all your $KLAY for $META. $KLAY is the native token on Klaytn Network, which also means that it’s important for transactions. Also, you’ll need $KLAY to summon your Avatar on the KLAYMETA platform.

4. Connect wallet to KLAYMETA platform

Connect wallet to KLAYMETA platform

With both $META and $KLAY available in your wallet, you can go ahead to connect and interact with the KLAYMETA platform.

How to Earn $META

$META is the main token on the KLAYMETA platform and also the reward system. Players need to earn $META continuously and passively to create a true play-and-earn utopia. Here are some of the ways to do that.

Avatar Summoning

Avatars are NFTs and an essential part of the KLAYMETA ecosystem. Each avatar has its unique attribute and skill. For every avatar summoned, the character metrics such as class, element, appearance, attribute, and equipment are generated randomly. This goes on to determine the Combat Point of the avatar. More on that here.

Avatar Summoning

Avatars are summoned with 1 $MST, which is the KLAYMETA summon token. However, 1 $MST = 30 $KLAY or 40 $KAI (which is available on KLAYswap).

Connect your wallet to the platform, swap 30 $KLAY or 40 $KAI for 1 $MST, and you can immediately go ahead to summon. You can also do a special summon, requiring you to combine three different avatars and 10 $META for a rarer avatar (NFT).

Players can earn $META passively by holding an avatar. And the more unique the avatar is, the more $META they earn.

Avatar Fusion

The progression system is available in most games, and KLAYMETA is no different. Another level-up utility and a great way to earn more $META is through avatar fusion. Not only does it encourage gameplay, but it also creates a deflationary mechanism as it involves fusing two avatars to create a more powerful one.

Avatar Fusion

With fusion, you can choose to either inherit the appearance and equipment from a base avatar or enhance it. Fusion costs 6 $META, increasing by 6 $META with each fuse.

Fusion gets you a stronger avatar character, which also means more $META when you play their META Quest.


Long-time holders view staking as a means of making their assets work for them while generating rewards passively. Players earn the right to ownership and revenue share from the ecosystem in the long run.

$META stakers earn vMETA for voting rights. Long-term stakers get more vMETA, hence more decision-making rights and influence. Players can stake for 120 days to 360 days, and the $META is returned to the player when it expires.

Meta Quest

Through a party of 5 avatars that can either be summoned or traded in the Market, players can compete against one another to earn more $META. High Combat Power (CP) is achieved through combining elements of different avatars, with high CP translating to higher $META rewards.

Meta Quest requires energy, and more charge = more $META collecting energy. Also, players can hire workers to increase $META collecting ability.

Adventure Mode

The new adventure mode is a recently added mode to further create immersive and fun gameplay and encourage players to upgrade and fuse their avatars.

To get involved, you’ll need to register up to 5 avatars with the abilities required to complete the mission.

Adventures are ranked by difficulties which are D, C, B, A, and S in ascending order of difficulty. The more difficult, the more rewards. Rewards are in $META and materials to craft equipment, which ultimately means more $META.

KLAYMETA is a play-and-earn game that offers different interesting game modes to players to deliver superior and interactive gameplay in the metaverse. The community will only continue to grow as they take their rightful spot at the pinnacle of blockchain gaming.

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