KLAYMETA: The one-stop GameFi and NFT platform

 While a lot of people might brush them aside as fads, it’s clear that the numbers tell a different story.

Based on a report published by DappRadar, and Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA), well-known market trackers, web3, and metaverse projects raised more than $750 million since the 1st of August, despite the challenging and bearish market we are in right now. Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting with established and new blockchain games and NFTs keep increasing.

At the heart of it all, the metaverse creates interactive ecosystems using game-level graphics and engines for user engagement. These ecosystems use blockchain tech to build out Play-and-Earn economies that have become prominent in blockchain gaming today. However, the Play-and-Earn model isn’t without its issues.

The problem

One important issue that is not discussed enough is the obstacles that keep barriers to entry high for developers and builders. The demand for Play-and-Earn gaming is at its highest right now, as hundreds of thousands of users and investors are flowing in at warp speed. Even though different Play-and-Earn games keep popping up daily, most die out in no time.

For Play-and-Earn, the most important asset isn’t the game currencies or even the NFTs, although some are worth a lot. The most valuable asset is the community. 

Community is why many people invest in Play-and-Earn projects; ironically, it’s why people join them. And even though the users are available, building a sustainable and healthy community for new developers takes time and effort. On the flip side, established projects also face the issue of limited creativity resources to keep building.

In short, new developers need access to a community of users, while established blockchain Play-and-Earn projects need to keep the juices flowing with enough talents and resources to keep their community strong.

This is where the KLAYMETA Business Platform comes in.

The solution: KLAYMETA Business Platform

KLAYMETA is a thriving play-and-earn game on the Klaytn Network and soon to be Binance Smart Chain, redefining the boundaries of MMORPG gaming with NFTs. Developed by Natrin, the team plans to create a sustainable and immersive Play-and-Earn ecosystem through unique measures such as low cost of entry, breeding mechanism, staking, avatar (NFTs) summoning, and fusion, which play roles in the progression of the game.

KLAYMETA is more than just a crypto game. They’re a one-stop shop for GameFi and NFT platforms.

The KLAYMETA Business Platform is an initiative that provides a system for both new and existing game developers to easily break into the play-and-earn model without the hassle of blockchain development and operation. This way, developers can focus on crafting fun games and integrating their games into an existing and already thriving ecosystem.

By supporting tokens and NFT contracts, KLAYMETA Business Platform supports the easy introduction of the Play-and-Earn model regardless of the development progress or platform. In addition, it allows users to trade and utilize tokens and NFTs issued through exchanges and NFT Markets provided on the KLAYMETA server.

This is a win-win situation for both the KLAYMETA community and integrated projects. KLAYMETA users will have access to new ways of enjoying the KLAYMETA metaverse and earning new revenues. In contrast, developers have an already engaged user base ready to interact with their games.

The aim is to create one giant metaverse with many games and almost endless fun for users. 

How does it work?

An additional advantage of the KLAYMETA platform is the option of unrestricted gaming for players. Play-and-Earn games lose players most of the time because blockchain necessities can sometimes distract gameplay.

  • The Token contract will support the allocation and distribution of in-game currency for the Play-and-Earn project. $MGT is the generic name for the currency token that the project will be able to change to its own name and also be able to trade on a decentralized exchange like Klayswap on the Klaytn network.
  • The exchange contract connects off-chain (in-game) and on-chain (blockchain) swapping of the game tokens and currencies. Users can easily swap their in-game token for the utility token and then sell it on the blockchain or vice versa. This way, they can interact with the blockchain without disrupting their game flow.
  • The NFT contract supports the issuance of NFTs. mITEM is a generic term for NFTs that use $META (KLAYMETA utility token) to transform items in the cooperative game world using the KLAYMETA platform, and each game can have its own name for its NFTs. The NFTs can trade on the KLAYMETA market or burnt. 

One successful integration yet into the platform is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Hero Blaze comfortably operates off-chain on a mobile app. Players earn MUDOL Stones in the game (off-chain), which can be exchanged into $MUDOL2 tokens on the official global website.   

Setting Users and Game Developers Up For Success

Growth initiatives like the KLAYMETA Business Platform create new opportunities for developers and users alike. 

The KLAYMETA solution separates on-chain and off-chain activities, thereby eliminating restrictions to the game’s flow for the players. It creates a pleasant gameplay environment for players as it completely excludes gameplay interference factors such as transaction signatures or wallet connection to play the game.

For game producers, it has the advantage of being able to service games even in countries with Play-and-Earn regulation, and removes the burden of blockchain development and operation. KLAYMETA provides a system to introduce the PNE economy without any hassle, allowing developers to only focus on their original role to perfect and make fun games.

If you’re discouraged from creating your own GameFi or NFT project due to cumbersome tasks such as blockchain development, we encourage you to check out the KLAYMETA platform here for a one-stop shop.

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